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All About the Sade's Satoshi's Book!

Do you want to TEACH your kids about Bitcoin savings,

economics and technology? 

If so, then check out the Sade's Satoshis book!

Sade‘s Satoshis is the first book in our new series to teach children about the history, use, and the promise of Bitcoin. This book features beautiful original artwork from Nigerian visual artist, Faniran Opeyemi.

This book gives children a look at Bitcoin through a global lens and explores the incredible impact of Bitcoin in Nigeria.

Bitcoin is the FUTURE of money and the money of the internet. Teaching your children about Bitcoin now, will help secure generational wealth for you and your family for years to come. 

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Features of the Book

Sade’s Satoshis was designed to teach both parents and children about Bitcoin. 
Check out some of the coolest features of the book.


Learn Economic Concepts!!!!


Designed for Your Bitcoin Family!!!


Learn the History of Money!!!

Sade's Satoshis introduces children to important economic concepts like central banking, inflation, and fiat currency. These concepts are introduced in the story and also defined in the book’s Bitcoin Vocabulary list.

Sade's Satoshis is perfect for your Bitcoin Family! This book includes a special BONUS section for parents called the Bitcoin Family Pack. The Bitcoin Family Pack features: a Bitcoin Vocabulary List, Questions from the story, Bitcoin Key Facts, and Teaching Tips for Parents!

No conversation about Bitcoin is complete without discussing the history of money. Sade's Satoshis explores the history of money and how Bitcoin can solve money's most challenging problems.

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This is the PERFECT Bitcoin Gift for children Ages 4 -13!

This book makes the PERFECT GIFT to share Bitcoin Savings with the young people in your life! This is a picture book, so it is a suitable Read-To-Me Book for children ages 4 -7. Children 7 and up, will be able to read this book independently. Older children and Bitcoin newbie adults will love this book as well! 

The book's simple explanations and list of 30 Bitcoin vocabulary definitions will help clarify the complexity around this emerging technology. The book’s story based Q&A will ensure your child 

has mastered the key concepts. The book BONUS section – called the “Bitcoin Family Pack” offers actionable strategies to get your family started on their Bitcoin Savings journey. 

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Get to Know Charlene Fadirepo

Charlene Fadirepo is a married mother of 2 children (Ayodele and Folasade), a banker and former U.S. Regulator and the author of Sade's Satoshis.

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Love for Sade's Satoshis
and our Children's Book Workshops

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I'm super excited about receiving my book and look forward to sharing it with everyone!

El Negrito Sabroso (@ELNegritoSab562)

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